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Who we are

The Viacano team consists of an interdisciplinary team of interior designers and software developers as visualization specialists. Together the team has a lot of experience advising clients in different countries. After an initial conversation with you, we put together a suitable team for you. We strive for the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. And we go the extra mile to create something extraordinary.

What we do

We believe in the synthesis of first-class interior design understanding with outstanding visualizations in order to be able to communicate and discuss design with the customer in the best possible way. If you've ever worked with a designer, you know that every designer has their own ideas about good design. That's why it's important to listen, and our design process starts around your first ideas, while utilizing all our experience and knowledge. Together we will achieve incredible results.

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We invite you to send us a message about your project and yourself. If someone recommended us, please indicate that as well, as we give preference to recommended clients.
You can also reach us by phone 2700214 1 34+.
Viacano is supported by the Austrian Ministry for Digitalization and the Ministry for Innovation and Technology.